Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Is ON!

Yeah, so we just finished up final exams and term papers...
Translation: We didn't make the healthiest choices.
After a month long binge, it's hard to get back into the swing of things (ie: exercise and healthy eating)

Try this GAME for some inspiration! You need to guess which item is worse to eat!

Also, TRY THIS: Google "What not to eat" or your favorite food you KNOW is bad for you and read up on it. All I know is that after reading about the Olive Garden and a few other American fast food joints, I a) never ever want to eat in the States again and b) have the motivation to get back in shape.

Find your motivation!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Took a break to travel to BC and focus on school, but EAT is BACK.

And it's SPRING.

That Means nice cooler but sunny days, perfect for long walks or a run.
It Means the start of a whole slew of fun activities: frisbee, softball, outdoor basketball, ball hockey, you name it.
Be productive on your study breaks and get out there and enjoy the weather!
And remember to pack at healthy snack and water bottle with you.


Try drinking a small glass of water every hour on the hour.
Flush out the bad, soak in the good!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not so sincere apologies...

Sorry I haven't been writing much lately...

Too busy doing Turbo Jam

(the ab routine is amazing)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under Appreciated Super Hero

The Pea.
Although they have bad rap for being boring and lame...
A half a cup of these frozen wonders packs a ton of flavor, reminds you of summer, weighs in at only 62 calories, carry 4.4 grams of fibre, and is a fat free food*. They're high in iron as well, making them a super option for vegetarians or those who are anemic! What else could you ask for? I suppose a recipe of course...

Simple Summer Pea and Pesto Soup:
Total Cooking Time: 10 minutes Calories: About 100 per bowl

What you need:
*750ml water
*375g frozen peas
*One green onion, white and light green parts only - chopped.
*Pinch of salt and pepper
*A quarter of a lime (to squeeze for juice)
*A couple tablespoons of pesto (basil preferably, but if you have something else you're more partial to, by all means)
*A Blender
*A Pot

How to do it:
*Bring water to a boil

*Add the peas and green onions to the pot.

*After 5 minutes, pour your peas and green onions into the blender (with the water), along with the squeeze of lime juice, the salt and pepper, and pesto.

*Blend to desired consistency and enjoy!

Rediscover peas: good - and good for you!

*Peas have 0.2g of fat for 1/2 a cup, making them a non-fat food according to the American Food and Drug Association. (Sources:,


So, today I was watching an infomercial for Turbo Jam and I was thinking to myself... I'm sure I can find this online. They have a 20 minute workout that will get you pumped and excited to start sweating. I can't wait to do it again.

The music is super, and the moves feel like you're dancing rather than doing aerobics. The combinations of moves can sometimes get a little complicated, however the instructor assures you that the more you do it, the easier it will get. Not only is she motivating, but there is a dancer in the background that does a lower-intensity routine so if you're not down for the all-out workout then you have a good alternative.

I found it on my preferred P2P, however I know you can find it on any good torrent site. I'm in the process of acquiring one of their other videos, Ab Jam! I'll let you know how that one goes too.

I'm sure you can find 20 minutes during your day to do this workout! It's an easy way to help your heart!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Deep Freeze

After a bad night last night: Home-made spaghetti and meatballs, and a late-night trip to TCBY, and a day too cold to go for a nice, long walk... This morning, I woke up feeling a little food-guilty. I had to remind myself that one bad night doesn't reverse my whole universe. I reminded myself that during the day yesterday, I was really good. Lots of fruit, and a great salad at lunch - and we all deserve to have a wild night once in a while.

Today, the walk is on hold. But a solid hour of Just Dance and Wii Fit should do me some good. Don't under-estimate interactive video games. Give it your everything and you'll break into a sweat. If no Wii in sight, check out some workout videos or dance classes on youtube. Don't let the deep freeze halt your workout routine.

Yeah it would be easy to stay in bed, warm and cozy all day, and just feel bad about the night before. But to stay on track, keep yourself motivated by doing some fun, indoor exercise and just jumping back on track. Always think forward.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Easy Peasey: Vegetable Soup

It's cold and miserable out.
We want to feel cozy and warm.

What you need:
* Whatever veggies you've got
* 12 cups of water
* Any bouillon of your choice
* Cooking Spray
* Salt/Pepper/Herbs/Soy Sauce (any herbs and seasoning of your choice)

I used:
Brussel Sprouts - don't be hating, they're a great substitute for cabbage in soup,
frozen broccoli,
frozen peas,
a can of crushed tomatoes,
onion soup mix,
soy sauce,

Here's How:
1. Take a large pot and spray 2-3 seconds worth of cooking spray into the bottom
2. Take all your veggies and dump them into the pot
3. Season and stir it up
4. Pour the can of tomatoes and fresh herbs (if you're so inclined), bouillon, and water in and leave to simmer with the lid on
5. Relax, read, or wii fit for about 30-60 minutes

Calories: Depending on your vegetables MAXIMUM 250 for the POT. Enjoy all day any time, and don't feel guilty about cozying up on the couch!