Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under Appreciated Super Hero

The Pea.
Although they have bad rap for being boring and lame...
A half a cup of these frozen wonders packs a ton of flavor, reminds you of summer, weighs in at only 62 calories, carry 4.4 grams of fibre, and is a fat free food*. They're high in iron as well, making them a super option for vegetarians or those who are anemic! What else could you ask for? I suppose a recipe of course...

Simple Summer Pea and Pesto Soup:
Total Cooking Time: 10 minutes Calories: About 100 per bowl

What you need:
*750ml water
*375g frozen peas
*One green onion, white and light green parts only - chopped.
*Pinch of salt and pepper
*A quarter of a lime (to squeeze for juice)
*A couple tablespoons of pesto (basil preferably, but if you have something else you're more partial to, by all means)
*A Blender
*A Pot

How to do it:
*Bring water to a boil

*Add the peas and green onions to the pot.

*After 5 minutes, pour your peas and green onions into the blender (with the water), along with the squeeze of lime juice, the salt and pepper, and pesto.

*Blend to desired consistency and enjoy!

Rediscover peas: good - and good for you!

*Peas have 0.2g of fat for 1/2 a cup, making them a non-fat food according to the American Food and Drug Association. (Sources:,

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