Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Easy Peasey: Vegetable Soup

It's cold and miserable out.
We want to feel cozy and warm.

What you need:
* Whatever veggies you've got
* 12 cups of water
* Any bouillon of your choice
* Cooking Spray
* Salt/Pepper/Herbs/Soy Sauce (any herbs and seasoning of your choice)

I used:
Brussel Sprouts - don't be hating, they're a great substitute for cabbage in soup,
frozen broccoli,
frozen peas,
a can of crushed tomatoes,
onion soup mix,
soy sauce,

Here's How:
1. Take a large pot and spray 2-3 seconds worth of cooking spray into the bottom
2. Take all your veggies and dump them into the pot
3. Season and stir it up
4. Pour the can of tomatoes and fresh herbs (if you're so inclined), bouillon, and water in and leave to simmer with the lid on
5. Relax, read, or wii fit for about 30-60 minutes

Calories: Depending on your vegetables MAXIMUM 250 for the POT. Enjoy all day any time, and don't feel guilty about cozying up on the couch!

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