Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Rather than making resolutions which seem so daunting since you need to keep them for an ENTIRE year, I make myself goals.

I leave for Florida February 18th, so until then:
My Do List:
1. Drink WATER
2. Stretch every morning
3. Walk to school more often.
My Do NOT List:
1. No Diet Soda (or regular, I just never drank it in the first place)
2. No Candy/Chocolate

Not a long list, just a couple healthy choices, until AT LEAST then.
Making a short term goal, rather than a long one, will make keeping these new change a lot easier. Six weeks seems a lot more feasable than fifty-two. And who knows, maybe after that short period of time, you'll have the confidence to keep those changes for longer.
Goodness knows, chocolate will be a hard one.
Happy New Year,
- xo

*Tip: I bring a 1 Litre Nalgene of water with me to school or work that I drink throughout the day, ensuring I got at least that much water not including what I drink at meal times!

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  1. 3. walk to school? I OFTEN WALK TO SCHOOL.
    walking buddies ? yeakawesome!